Look up the word annoying in the dictionary and you will see my picture

What the hell is my problem? I question too much when I shouldnt, I push people too far at times and I feel like I annoy people by doing this. I know that I have pushed some people away by these actions. It is in my nature to question, this is one way to understand people and keep my suroundings under control. At this time, I am changing this because I feel like I am doing it again. There was a situation that I wont go into but let’s just say I did it again. I complicate my life more this way than I should. I wont question or make stupid statements unless it is an appropriate time. Why? I do not want to lose someone that is very special to me. To be honest, I have never met anyone like her before. Most people are dishonest but at least she tells me the truth. No more being annoying now.