Still Friends

My girlfriend and I broke it off tonight. I’m feeling really down, it is going to take some time to get over this. My reason for doing this was mainly for her, I wont go into it but I had to think long and hard about a conversation that we had the other night. After going back and forth on the issue I feel that I did the right thing but it still hurts inside. I know that there is still a future for us and only time will tell. One thing that makes me happy though is that we are still friends. There is a reason that we were brought together and eventually we will know why. I still really care about her and I know her feelings are the same. She has a part of my heart and will always remain in my life no matter what. I will always be there for her and never let her down like most have in the past. She can put her trust in me.


Everyday Normal Guy Rap Song

This song is pretty funny. I enjoyed it and I thought that I would share it with all of you.

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Football Woes…

I’ve accepted the fact that my Chicago Bears are not going to the Super Bowl this time. Even their playoff hopes are slim. You never know though, anything is possible. If they beat the Packers that always makes me happy, you know why? Because the Packers SUCK!!! LOL.

One more thing, Someone, Anyone please beat the damn Patriots. They can’t go undefeated.

The Most Disgusting Video

To my friend that sent me that video, I’m gonna kill you LOL. No it isn’t one of the best videos that you will ever see, punk. That was disgusting, are you trying to make me throw up everywhere? I will never get those images out of my head. I will get even, just you wait.

To explain what I’m talking about it’s a video called ‘2 Girls 1 Cup’. If you know what it is then you know why it is so disgusting. If you don’t, I urge you not to watch it if you come across it. It is a good prank to pull on someone, especially if you dislike them. I don’t know where to find it and I deleted the video, don’t ask me for it.

What I don’t understand is why anyone would even consider doing something like that in the first place. Drugs, Money or what? It makes me sad just to think about what the lives of these people are like.

Building Trust…

How are you supposed to get someone to open up that seems to be afraid to even attempt to? I fear that something bad happened to this person, maybe she has been hurt and disappointed too many times or it can be anything. The second is my life story but this isn’t about me. I am going to wait until she is ready but as you can tell I’m very concerned. It makes me want to try my hardest to protect her, consoled her, never let her down, be her strength, to just be there and to do whatever it takes to make her happy. I don’t think I have built enough trust yet, although she has told me that she does trust me. I just don’t feel it, you know how they say to trust your gut? Well, this is what mine is telling me. If you listen to the song ‘Take me there’ by Rascal Flatts, that’s what I want.

Sometimes I think that I scare her. Mainly because my feelings for her are on a higher level. Like I’ve said before there is a lot of love in my heart to give. I need to slow it down to her speed but I can’t help it most of the time. I shouldn’t say this but I feel something special about her.

Rudy Giuliani is a DICK!!!

Giuliani avoids seriously ill resident Clayton Holton, who he has never met, nor been asked a question by. Though Mayor Giuliani obviously recognized Clayton from his encounter with Romney, and shows his clear reluctance to answer any questions dealing with medical marijuana.

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School in NY teaches the way of the Jedi (Lightsaber school)

I love this, I would do it if I was able to. I know this it’s for us Uber Star Wars Geeks but to me it’s sweet.

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