What is wrong with showing your feelings or opening up to someone? I just don’t understand. I promised not to question it and leave it as it is but how is that even possible? I’m not going to question her because there is no point. Nothing says that I can’t put these questions to myself or you, I want to know how feelings can cloud someones judgment? This is one thing that she said, “I need to think clearly and freely without bias and favoritism to one thing or to another”. Yes, it does make me somewhat confused and yet I understand. I know one day these thoughts will change with age but for now I understand she is still finding herself. One reason why it doesn’t make sense to me is because I’m not bias and I don’t show favoritism to one thing or to another. Well, when it comes to my Niece and Nephews I’m bias because they are the best but I love them all the same. I shouldn’t dwell on this but I really have very strong feelings for her, like I said I’m falling in love with her. I haven’t told her that I’m still hurt and kinda lost. I guess I’m going to move on and accept that she doesn’t want me in the way that I want her. I still am her friend just like with every other woman I know. Oh well, LOL.

I got two words, GO GIANTS !!!! I am a Pats hater, plus they PLAY DIRTY, don’t deny this because I’ve seen it. So, I DO NOT want them to end perfect.


Everyday Normal Guy 2

I guess you could call this a remix to Jon Lajoie’s ‘Everyday Normal Guy’ song. This song is funnier than the first, sorry for the language.

Scam Artists; The NFL Playoffs

Okay, in the last two months I have been targeted by three scam artists. It’s funny and upsetting at the same time. These people think that someone like me is a sucker but in reality this is so far from the truth. I can spot one of these people right away, they type with broken English and  the  biggest red flag is when they say  that they are from Ghana or Nigeria. Also, they say that they have finally found their soul mate and want a relationship with you. I like to mess with these losers making them think that they have me pulled into their scam. I make up some crazy stuff and they begin to fall into my trap, I guess a scammer can be scammed easily sometimes. If you do this just be careful and watch what you say, they can be pretty slick.

Well, this weekend are the NFC and AFC Championship games. All I can say is GO GIANTS AND CHARGERS!!! Since I am a Bears fan, I can’t stand the Packers or Favre, LOL. Now I have been pulling for anybody to beat the Patriots. It would be great if they lose in the playoffs or the Super Bowl, then the perfect season means nothing and I will be laughing so hard. If the Pats and Packers make it to tie Super Bowl then I don’t care if I watch the game or not. Yes, friends and family are shocked that I am saying this because of how big of a Football fan I am. I guess I’ll just watch the commercials instead if this happens.

Update on Taking Chances

Everything that I thought was important in this life must be wrong. It seems that almost everyone wants the opposite, LOL. All I can say is, oh well. If that’s the way it’s supposed to be then I must accept it and move on. In saying this, it means that I got the response from the person I love that I expected. It hurts but I’m used to it, it’s nothing new for me.

This is probably my last post on this subject for awhile. I’m going to quit looking for love for now. Instead of me looking for it, I am going to see if it can find me for a change. Wow, is that even possible? Never know until it happens. I think that I’ll stick with my first love for awhile, which is gaming.

Taking Chances

What is life without taking chances? It isn’t life at all. I tend to just let opportunities pass me by not knowing what might or might not lie ahead. Recently I took a chance and I don’t if it was the right time, especially since I haven’t got a response from this person as of yet. It’s too late now and whatever happens, happens. I am feeling nervous, I can’t sleep very well and my thoughts are all over the place. Is it meant to be or not? What will fate bring of this?

If you had the same feelings that I have for this person, how long could you hold them back? If you knew this person, they would be hard to resist. I guess now that I think about it my heart is ready, my mind on the other hand isn’t sure. Taking chances is scary in some aspects but could be rewarding or even devastating. All you can do is be ready for the consequences and accept them. I am hoping for the best but life can take crazy turns and all you can do is take it for a ride.

What Girl’s need to know about their geek Boyfriend

This is a great response to an email sent to Kevin and Alex on Diggnation.