My Bro; New Dog; Love?????

I know that it’s been awhile since my last post but I just haven’t been in the mood. Also, I’ve been busy doing other things.

Well, my brother has been home from basic for almost a month. He got his orders and and leaves September 15th, he is going to Mannheim, Germany, I would love to go with him. He is not going to be a combat cook now (the military contracts out), He has to do something different, I think it’s something with the MP Unit. We are all going to miss him and are nervous for him, if you could add him to your thoughts and prayers I would greatly appreciate it. Eventually, he will be getting deployed to either Iraq or Afghanistan. It’s scary but it is part of the job. I’m very proud of him for making this huge sacrifice for our country and for his kids. Especially his kids, he wants a better life for the three of them and to be able to afford college and health care for each of them.

Last week,we got a new rescue dog, this makes dog number six. She is around a one year old Border Collie and her name is Bobbi. Very cute dog but is a little skittish at the moment, I don’t blame her. You wouldn’t either if you knew my family, LOL. Our dog’s are very spoiled and can be a little crazy at times. We have Maddie (a Beagle), Truman (an Australian Shepard Mix), Stryker (a Spaniel mix), Sophie (a Golden Retriever) and now Bobbi.

I know that some of you are interested in how my love life is going, not sure as to why? I can answer that in one defining phrase… WTF are you talking about? LOL ;)… Don’t know what it is, Never heard of it, It is something that eludes me, ETC… ETC… ETC… LOL ;). So, if you really must know, it is going nowhere at the moment. Don’t think that I’m bitter about it or anything like that, I’m actually fine with it and I will be ready when it is my time. For now, I will just keep my life the way it is but will change some of my life for any girl if need be. My life seems boring, so any excitement or change is acceptable. BTW, I have renewed hope right now.

Laters my peeps


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