My Bro Is On His Way To Germany; Football

Well, yesterday was a sad day. My brother left for Germany for two years and it was hard for me to see him go but I tried to stay strong. I kept a smile on my face, so, that he would remember it. I do kind of have tears at the moment though. It was really hard for my mom and all three of his kids, especially his youngest. He really took it the hardest, it was really difficult to watch and really pulled at your heart. He will be back visiting before we know it and we could go visit him too at anytime, Unless he is in Iraq or Afghanistan. I know that the kids will get to visit him on their summer break or they could decide to live with him if any of them wanted to. Either way, it will be a great experience for them to see all the countries around Germany. He has already only been gone for a few hours and I REALLY, REALLY MISS HIM!!! I thank GOD for web cams, makes it great to be able to see him as we talk.

As you all know it’s Football season, I love this time of year. Anyway, this last weekend was a bad week for my teams. First, Wisconsin played against my Fresno State Bulldogs. We lost 13-10 but if it wasn’t for the damn kicker, Kevin Goessling we could have won. He made 1 out of 4 field goals, which to me is uncalled for in my book. I wanted to run into his leg, so we can get a better kicker. Now because of this loss we have no chance at getting into the BCS. My Chicago Bears also lost, I wont go into it because they could have won. Well, that’s the game for you, never know what will happen until the game is over.

Now my Fantasy Football Team is doing great, I’m 2-0 so far. That is one thing that I’m pretty good at is Fantasy Football. I know teams and players quite a bit and always do well. Plus, I could ask a couple cousins about players. They are also really into playing and one is a sports editor for a newspaper in Louisiana, so I got my sources.



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