Regrets; OUCH!!!; Kevin Goessling

I have many past regrets, mainly for being too afraid of trying something new or different, not pursuing certain girls that might give me a chance, not pursuing certain dreams and letting great opportunities slip through my fingers. We all have regrets in our lives for the most part but how many of us do something to change their past?

I bring up the subject on regrets because my good friend David and I had a small discussion on the topic. I don’t look at a regret being a bad thing anymore. I came to this realization after some wise words that he sort of made up, LOL. I told him that I do have some regrets still but I also realize that I still have time to change this. Anyway, he said “Then hey aren’t regrets, just unfinished business”. I know this is just common sense but for some reason it made something click. So, from now on, if there is something in front of me and I get a feeling I am going for it, no matter what the turn out is, just except it and be happy with myself for trying.

This is going to be a tough thing for me at first, only because when I get into certain situations (Or should I say most situations) my shyness takes over. It’s very annoying but the only way to overcome this is to react before the shyness kicks in. One thing that I don’t understand about this is that I’m a very strong person and have a never give up attitude, so, where does this damn shyness come from? My whole family is outgoing and I was treated by both family and friends like I didn’t and don’t have a disability. I love them for doing this; it has been the best thing for me. I wonder if it comes from being shot down so much, hmmm, maybe but I doubt it. It could be anything though; I’m not going to worry about it anymore.

It’s time for me to make this change and become a gambler in life. I am going to fight and fight hard to get all the things that I have always wanted and needed. I won’t hurt anyone of course, it isn’t in me anyway. The struggle will mainly be with me, myself and I.

I was out of town the past four days on a short vacation. We loaded up the travel trailer and decided to try Plymouth, Ca. There really isn’t much to do there but relax and do nothing; I bet we never go there again, LOL. We did go to a local casino for a couple of hours. While I was there I hit the jackpot, no not a money jackpot but by running over some ass that wasn’t paying attention. Of course as everyone that is in a wheelchair knows, it is always our fault, LOL. Anyway, I was just driving along and this guy was walking kind of diagonal toward me. I saw him but I wanted to see if he saw me and the answer to that was, NO!!! I am always the one that has to pay attention and stop to let people go by. I don’t understand why some idiots don’t watch where they are walking? It just isn’t right. For some reason something made me want to see what would happen, I really hope that he learned his lesson. He just walked right into me and I ran over his foot, he was wearing sandals too. That wasn’t the best part though; the best part was when he screamed. He sounded like a girl, which made me take a second look at him just to make sure that it wasn’t. When this happened I just started busting out laughing. Especially when he didn’t even acknowledge me, he acted like I wasn’t even there. I did say sorry after I started the laughing though. I think that he embarrassed himself because he kept walking or shall I say that he limped off. I think the limp was just for effect to make me look like the jerk but a lot of people saw it happen, they called him the jerk and how rude he was. It was very satisfying, I usually don’t let things like this play out but sometimes you just get tired of it. Oh David, it was the ultimate “Crip Yell!!” You would have loved it, LOL.

I just have one thing to say to Kevin Goessling (Kicker for Fresno State), you are officially now the worst kicker in Bulldog history. We have lost two games this year because you can’t hit a damn field goal, it seems like you are relying on the rest of the team to score so you don’t have to. You need to start doing your job or I hope Coach Hill benches you for a couple games and makes you practice a lot more often. Football can be very frustrating to us diehard fans as you can tell.

Until next time


Fading Away; Bro Update

I don’t understand this, but I actually feel the love fading from my heart each and every day. I’m not losing love for my family, friends or the everyday things in my life. Yep, you guessed it, from the failed love attempts with the opposite sex. I say this because so many women have ripped the heart right out of my chest and stomped the shit out of it, LOL. Don’t think that I am putting the blame on women because I am also to blame. I have let some good relationships go in the past, mainly because I’m an IDIOT. Another reason for this is that I start to feel the connection fading away and notice that we have nothing in common. Actually, I just thought of the biggest reason of all and that is fear. I can’t pinpoint where that fear stems from, one thing that I can say is that when I stare into the eyes of a girl I start to freeze up. The more beautiful the eyes, the worse it is. Well, I think that all these factors are giving me the feeling of the fading heart.

Will I ever give up on finding the love of my life? I think you all know the answer to that. The answer is, Umm… No… HELL NO!!! LOL. I have to believe that she is out there. Love is all there is in this life and I have a lot to give, more than you know. I just need the right one that makes me feel comfortable and bring the true Corey out of this guy.

My brother is in Germany now and is enjoying it. Oops, did I sorry say brother? I meant to say Man whore, LOL. I keep digging a deeper hole for myself don’t I? Oh well, at least his kids think that it’s funny. Good news, he is getting word that he may not have to go to Iraq or Afghanistan. We are very happy to hear this, I hope that it stays that way. He is kind of disappointed but it’s better than bullets shooting at him. I love him too much to lose him, he is a hero to me, in more ways than you know.

Laters my friends

Random Stuff; Stand Still

I don’t know what to blog about but I thought I should write something.

So, what’s new? Well, I do have a new part time nurse and she is very pretty. She is a health nut and keeps in shape but that isn’t a big deal to me. I can say one thing, her body is nice to look at, LOL. Umm… I guess I shouldn’t of said that, just incase one of my other nurses ever read this. I said it, so, it stays.

Oh, I think you all heard the good news this week, Brett Favre finally retired. Bears fans like me can rejoice. I am so sick of hearing about Favre like he’s some Football god. He wasn’t the only player on the field making plays for the sorry ass Packers. Can you tell that I dislike that team? LOL.

Since my life is more or less at a stand still at the moment, mainly until the weather warms up. Yes, I hate being cold and yes, I’m a wuss. Anyway, I keep getting writers block because of my extremely exciting life. I kinda need some help getting out of this block. So, If you have any questions for me or anything like that, please ask. It may get me writing again, I hope. Send them here.

Everyone knows that I’m a huge gamer, So, Can you guess what I’ve been doing a lot of? Like that is a shocker, I play a lot anyway. It doesn’t matter what the weather is.

I am designing two websites when I’m not gaming. One is a redesign of a site that I’ve had for awhile, I’ts D-GAMER.COM . I’m taking time because I want a perfect site. The other site is for my father, It’s called All American Racers. It is for his Flyball team, instead of me explaining what it is, just visit the site because it tells what it’s all about. I can say one thin, it’s for Dogs.

I’m Still Around…

Yes, I’m still around. The reason that I haven’t blogged is because I don’t know what to blog about. When I try to write something I get writers block and I just sit there staring at the screen with a blank mind. My life sounds exciting doesn’t it? LOL. My life is just slow this time of year because of the weather and all.  Anyway, I’m still here.